May 3, 2012

Summer Lovin' {25 Summer Date Ideas}

Summer lovin' had me a blast, Summer lovin' happened so fast. As this song from Grease suggests, summer is a great time to have extra fun as a couple. It's officially summertime for Michael and me and we love this time of year! During the summer we get to go on trips and do different things together that we don't normally do. The weather is nice and the days are long. Without school, we have much more time on our hands too!  In honor of the start of summer break, I want to share 25 summer date ideas you could do as a couple. I will be crossing off the list as we do them throughout the summer! My goal is have all 25 dates done by the time school starts in August.

1. Have a picnic in the park
2. Go bike riding
3. Go camping/hiking
4. Try out a brand new restaurant
5. Have a game night
6. Go to the beach
7. Pick strawberries
8. Go to a concert
9. Watch fireworks
10. Go on a roap trip
11. Have a water fight
12. Star gaze
13. Grill out for dinner
14. Go out for ice cream
15. Take a mystery trip
16. Go to a Drive- In
17. Fly a kite
18. Window shop
19. Cook a meal together
20. Go fishing
21. Play frisbee
22. Go to a baseball game
23. Head to the lake for outdoor fun!
24. Wash your cars together
25. Go to a theme park

If you have any other date ideas I'd love to hear them! :) Have a great day!

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